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Tile and Grout Services

      Advantages of Restoring and regrouting
    • Keeps what you have looking NEW
    • It is the LEAST expensive solution compared to new tile or plastic wall systems, and you get to keep the tile that you presently have
    • Believe it, tile is easier to keep clean and looks better
    • No extra materials to buy. Even in the event that you have loose, damaged tiles and wallboard, we can keep, use and restore your tiles and walls to keep the same tile looking great for years.
    • Quick and easy. A trained professional can be in and out in one day
    • Buying or selling, it adds value to your home. Just ask your Realtor.

    Regrouting Ceramic tile: Tile has a very long life expectancy, but the grout, over time, will eventually deteriorate. The tile may still be near perfect but the grout is either missing, cracked, soft, mildewed or discolored.
      Procedure for regrouting
    1. Clean tub/shower walls to make sure there is nothing on the tile to mix in with the new grout
    2. Remove the existing caulk from around the tub and corners
    3. Remove existing grout from around the tiles (all walls from top to bottom) never partial areas
    4. Install new grout
    5. Buff and Polish walls
    6. Caulk the tub, corners, soapdish and faucet

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    Wall Repairs for Loose Tiles or Leaking Walls: If you have tiles that are "soft", "loose" or "leaking," wall repair is the best option for you.Below are some of the results of "believe it ornot", badgrout. Water cannot penetrate the tiles. The only place water can get through is the grout. That is why it is so important to keep your tub and shower walls clean, dry and to use the right cleaners.

      Procedures for repairs
    1. Remove all the loose tiles in the repair area
    2. Make sure the wall behind is not damaged. If it is, replace with new "green" board
    3. Clean the same tiles that were taken off and reset them back in place
    4. Followedwiththe same procedure for regrouting

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    Caulking: Mildewed caulking is unsightly and unsanitary. It can also allow water to leak into the walls. The most common problem is at thepoint between the bathtub and tile or shower floor and walls. If these joints are not fixed in a timely manner, great damage to the sructure can occur. Mr. Grout will remove the old caulk and replace with a new bead ofmildew resistant caulk.

    Sealing: When regrouting tub/shower-walls a sealer can be applied which creates an invisablebarrier against staining, moisture, calcium and soap scum buildup.

    Floor Grout Colorant (floors): Mr. Grout uses a color-pigmented water borne epoxy grout sealer chemically engineered topenetrate and form a high-strength bond to non-sanded and sanded grout. It recolors, seals and rejuvenates existing grout joints.

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    Floor Grout coloring (staining): Benefits: Grout coloring is the ultimate way to seal your grout. Using a grout colorant to seal your grout instead of a clear sealer is the best way to keep your grout looking the way you wanted when you first installed the grout.

      Grout colorants are perfect for fixing mistakes in grout imperfections, such as:
    • The grout was improperly mixed
    • The grout has been darkened over time
    • The grout you just can't get clean anymore
    • The grout can be changed to 28 different colors if you wish to have a whole new look
    • Grout colorant protects grout from hard water and discoloration and spills
    • It will make your pre-existing grout as completely uniform in color as possible
    • Grout coloring can restore your grout back to its original color while protecting it from everyday wear and tear
    • Grout coloring can resist pet urine stains and odors
    • A grout coloring can bring life back into your grout and the look of your tiles
    • Grout colorants are the alternative to expensive regrouting costs, or a complete tear up

    Floor Grout Sealing: Sealer should only be used on new or very clean floor grout.The sealerMr. Grout uses is a premium, no sheen, natural-look, water bourne epoxypenetrating sealer formulated to provide maximum stain protection.

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    Think about it

    When people move into homes that werepreviously lived in,they think of cleaning the oven, refrigerator, carpets and applying a fresh coat of paint. But what about the germs that are harboring in the grout lines, or on the tiles in your shower? The existing mold and mildew orsoapfilm?

    New Homeowners who have jus purchased their home, should consider cleaning and regrouting tubs/shower wallsand cleaning/ staining and sealing floorgrout.

    the condition its in

    But if you want it to look NEW AGAIN
    Call Mr. Grout

    Ask yourself or anyRealtor what would add value to your home

    Plastic tub/shower wall surround at a cost of over $2000
    Ceramic tile that just needs tile and grout restoration at around $300.00 and you keep the original look of your home.

    Mr. Grout has been family owned and operated for over 19 years. We know we're the best qualified in our field. We certainly are the oldest, most knowledgeable, and by far the most experienced with 1, 000's of satisified customers. But more imporant then all of the above, we are anhonest, dependable, and reputable company. I know we will be here Tomorrow .


    Stephen Liberti and Nick Geraci

    PS - "Just like any copy the original is always better!"

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